The Word Comes to Arop-Lokep

Arop-Lokep Dancers on BeachThis June history was made out on Long Island in Astrolab Bay, Madang Province.  The  Arop-Lokep New Testment arrived in book and audio format and there was much celebration as the people eagerly received God's Word in their own language.  This was a labor of love; over 20 years in the making.  I (Brian) had the privlege of flying over to the island from the Highlands and to witness this amazing event and the response of the people.  I stayed there two nights, at a simple beachfront cabin, with "million dollar views".  It was an awe inspiring place.

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Journey to the Crater Lake: "Wisdom"

Long Island is one of those classic Pacific Islands that you read about in novels.  There are two high mountain peaks, but when you look at the maps more closely you realize that these large mountain peaks are really just part of the rim of another giant crater or cauldron in the center of the island.  There is a huge, volcano lake in the center, called "Lake Wisdom" on the maps, or at least by Google Earth.

Map of Long Island

Long Island, Astrolab Bay, on the way to West New Britain Island.
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Hiking Trail to Wisdom Lake

From Jeff and Sissy D'Jernes' coastal house, we hiked about 2 hours to the edge of the crater, and then another 45 minutes down the steep cauldron walls to the present lake.  << Click for greater detail >>

The hike to the rim of the crater took about 2.1 hrs, but the descent, which was quite steep after that, was about 45 minutes.  If you look carefully you can almost see the crater rim in the forested areas.  That lake was huge!  The island is far bigger than I actually imagined it to be, overall.  So in about 3 hours we were swimming in the clear fresh waters, and I swam about a hundred yards out to practice my fresh-water dead-man's float which I can still do.

Everything was a typical Pacific Island Paradise visually, although it seemed to me that we had scared away the birds with our presence.  My new hiking buddy, Marjan, from the Netherlands, laughed when at one point I fell off the trail, but in a manner that saved myself from harm.  Marjan stayed a week later after the dedication and gave her workshop to the people, called the SALT course, (Scripture Application Leadership Training) teaching the Christians, how to dig into their New Testaments deeper.  Reports later said that the week-long workshop went well, however only a small group turned up.  Marjan was very interested in my Luxembourg roots on the hike since my mother was from Europe.

But he led his own people like a flock of sheep, guiding them safely through the wilderness.

— Psalm 78:52

I had worried about slowing down the "twenty-something's" group (around 14 of us) who came as guests to the dedication, but I need not have worried. It turned out that some of the young ones were totally out of shape. On the return, one young lady, dehydrated herself, and rightfully sat down before her vision totally collapsed (tunneled) and she would have been gone. We pumped "Gatorade" and electrolytes that we had into her. Sadly, no fresh coconuts were handy in the cauldron but eventually she stood up. With an extra 1.5 hours added to our 3 hour return, we scaled back to the crater rim and then downhill to the coast. I am so thankful that we didn't have to physically carry her out of there. Praise to our King! The ascent back out of the crater was very steep, and well, there were places where you did not want to fall off the edge of the trail, sort of like the Indiana Jones movies <grin>.

A Trail ?Here's a shot of the "trail" in a manner of speaking.  Hanging branches were our friends.  Marjan in the upper left.  Yes, the photographer knows how to levitate!

Looking back and admitting here to being a 60 y.o...  well it was kind of nice to think that I still had what it took physically to keep up with those "young people".  But I do jog in the mornings at 5,000 ft elevation for a half-hour, four times a week back in the Highlands.

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“But true wisdom and power are found in God;
counsel and understanding are his."
— Job 12:13

We praise the Lord for the privilege of being in Papua New Guinea and the opportunities to serve the local communities in this country.

The Bible is alive – it has hands and grabs hold of me, it has feet and runs after me.   
— Martin Luther

Photo Insights into Papua New Guinea Life

Yellow FlowerHere is the entrance to our photographic favorites. Come journey to the "land of the unexpected" as seen in our eyes after 25 years of ministry in this fair country.

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But may all who search for you
be filled with joy and gladness in you.
May those who love your salvation
repeatedly shout, “The Lord is great!”

— Psalm 40:16